please please do this,

God, I need to not get the stomach flu.

I know it is a silly reason but I need to take away all the bad germs and my germs away from the poor people I have contamited please I need to let go of this virus for this time. please could you ever give it to me another couple of years because I need a chance this week and this year I have now advanced this past year and I never got the chance to thank you for that.

Please forgive me with this chance I need a healthy life and need grace.

You can do something to give me a bad test grade but I need to not get sick. Please, god and lord, I need you for real this time.

I know I have never prayed a lot but please for this time and many times I will.

Do not honor anymore this month just this one time please do it.

For my sake and others please, please do this,