Thank you and I love you God.

Dear God, Please forgive me for all my sins in the past and present.

I know I can be a bad person sometime and I know your watching over me.

Forgive me.

As of this may 2007 year,I got scammed and now has a lawsuit against me from my bank that i owe them $7100.

My new freind turned out to be a scammer and now I have no one to turn for help.

Please help me get thru this rough times Im going thru.

I also dont have a car since I got it sto in february 2007 and also quit my job because of no ride.

Please tell me my life with change soon and everything will be alright.

Please tell me my scammer will get arrested soon and will be punished for his crime.

All I want is enough money so I can buy a new car,get a job and take care of my self and my mom whom I love her so much.

Also,please tell me that I will be reunited with my son whom I havent seen for almost 6 yrs now since his mom left me for some guy.

All I do is think of him 24/7 and even have dreams about him sometimes.

I feel so sad and lonely without him.

He will always be in my heart n prayer.

Also,can you tell me grandma and Mellissa Rae Burns I said HI for me and miss them so much too.

Thank you and I love you God.