The Father’s Adopted Son,

I am sorry to have offended you, Blessed Jesus, forgive me my sins, I am an affront to you and the love you have shown me.

Why do I do what I loathe in myself and others? I have committed the sin of adultery, this last weekend, and again last summer.

You know this as you are always with me. I am sorry for my actions, and I commit to remaining faithful hereafter. I have viewed pornography, and involved myself in the fantasy of sexual freedom, and the impurity that comes with it.

I am deeply sorry. I have sto. Much of it has been rationalized. I commit to honesty and openness in my future dealings. I have used your name in vain. I am sorry to have rejected you. I am one of those who rejected you.

Please do not reject me. Please help me to abide with you, and to live a life of purity and service to others. Thank you Lord Jesus for the opportunity to reveal my heart to you. I beg your forgiveness. Amen.