For father, thou doest know what you do.

In giving all the honor and thanks to God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit, I bow in grace and humility at the mighty hand of the holy trinity.

For father, thou doest know what you do.

I have no doubt that it was you who supplied me with the faith as a grain of mustard seed-for without it going through the situation that I am in today, I couldn’t go on.

I am keeping my faith, trust, humility, and belief in the fact that, father, you will see me through.

Looking at the footprints, I know at this time of my life, you are carrying me through.

We serve a mighty God, my brothers, and sisters.

Sometimes I’m sure that he would for us just to say hallilujuh and thank you lord, even when the storm arises.

We are tremendously blessed just by being able to type these letters on these keyboards, not to mention waking up every morning that isn’t guaranteed to us.

All hail the king of all kings, Lord of all Lords. My life may not be roses lord- but I still feel your presence around me and within me.

For that, I say once again-THANK YOU!!!!!! Please fill my fellow brothers and sisters in the spirit with the same inner peace with which I am so filled, even during my own personal crisis at the moment.

With all love, honor, and praise to thee.

Amen! Amen! and Amen!