dear god, I ask for forgiveness for all my sins, evil thoughts, and wrongdoings.

I am sorry for being weak and letting temptation get the best of me.

dear god, I write you this letter because I have been so sad and depressed for a long time.

i have always wanted to get married to my soul mate.

I thought i had found him when i met Antonio fonseca.

we lived happily for 2 years and then our relationship went sour.

I still love him deeply and care for his well being.

i wish with all my heart that during this lent season, you can bless me my family and Antonio.

God, help him to find the correct way in life.

please open his heart back to me.

protect our home.

so much negativity has been surrounding our home and relationship.

I want to spend the rest of my life with Antonio and hopefully get married.

please, god shower me with a miracle so that antonio won’t stray towards a negative path.

i do thank you for everything i have in life.

I do believe that mistakes we have made in the past help us to grow.

my faith gets stronger every day because I know you will hear my prayers and help me.

I want to be a better person, lord.

I sometimes do not have anyone to talk too but I know i can always come to you.

I hope this lent season will bring me closer to you and help me and antonio get closer and start new.

I love you, god I do.

you are my only savior.