beni messous.algiers.algeria

Great GOD the King of the Universe by our Lord Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother give me a shopstore for business and a beautiful and rich wife and give me a pension and a alimony for life.

and give me wealth and prosperity and abundance and money and give me spiritual and material richness and give me financial freedom and material comfort.

and give me solutions for all problems in my life and resolve all problems and remove all obstacles in my life.

and give me victory and success and happiness and peace and harmony. and give me relation of love and romance with beautiful and rich wife.

and give me friendship with very powerful person who will help me to solve all my problems in my life.

and give good health and long life for me and my family and my sister nadia and his husband and his daughters.

and fulfill all my wishes and all my desires and give me fulfillment of all my wishes and all my desires.

and save me of all my enemies visible and invisible and save my family of all his enemies visible and invisible.

and remove and cancel all evil eyes and all black magic and all negativity in my body and in my life.

and protect me and my family and my cats and our home.

Amen Karim Zenile from.

beni messous.algiers.