Forgive me and give me hope.. help me

dear the only god, my father, my only one..

I know you see me every day..

your with me every second of my life .. you know me better than anyone on this universe..

you know who I am truly ..

you know me better than I do myself..

I just want you to give me help please god give me hope I need to get my self together I’m in such a dark place right now I don’t know what to do I’m so stuck I don’t have any hope for anything anymore but I promise you I will get myself together one day I will be fine ..

I’ve lost my dad..

we don’t talk anymore he doesn’t believe me any more I feel like he looks at me like I’m a disgrace but i just want him to know I love him and I really want him to know that god like your the only person I’m able to speak to everyday your on my mind everyday I know you can see me hear me everything…

i just feel so lost I don’t know what to do I’ve left such g good school for being so dumb but if I went back I would be a changed person you know that you know my thoughts everything ..

you know I dot=nt mean to hr=urt anyone on purpose you know when I feel bad for someone you know if I actually like or love someone I have my hand on my heart right now and I’m telling you I apologize and I’m so so so sorry for my ins I be you everything id give up ant=thing for you to just lead me and show me the next steps literally you know, you know when I see someone ill or sick I tend to laugh and get bad thoughts t=straight away and the devil try=ies to play tricks with me and I know it I want you to meg szabadit me from him save me from him get all the bad thoughts out of my head please help me not to swear and please be my side at the bad time and be by my side at school give me confidence please god please help me to understand thing better i need hope ……………………

hope is the only thing i need koszonom edes istenkem szeretlek nagyon te vagy az egyetlenem nagyon szeretlek teged legyszives adjal nekem orok eletet istenkem es maradj it velem oroke szereltek remelem eszt latod ..