forgive my curiosty

God in a way I know the answers but I’m not for sure and I still want to check with you.

everything I’ve manifested is off of bad situations now I’m trying to manifest a situation out of the blue on positive feelings.

Is it possible to manifest a situation unconnected to me on positive feelings? Most people that need $50,000 sell something they have worth $50,000- it’s connected to them.

I do not have the education or assets behind me to have $50,000 connected to me.

But God- I know that is only a limit here on the earthly plane. I know you are unlimited and I give it to you- so if I do that and think positive thoughts is it possible for you to bring that money to me, for us to bring it in together, even though it is not “connected” to me in any way? Is that possible? I understand the right things must be lined up in the right spots but considering I have nothing and know no one does it HAVE to be that way? Could it happen some other way? I’m curious about that.

I’m just curious to ask. Thank you, God.