Forgiveness – retraction

I’ve been thinking about the last one of these I sent.

I asked for your forgiveness and said I forgave you as well. I am officially retracting my forgiveness to you.

You don’t deserve it.

Do you realize how badly you hurt me with that terrible email? In addition, you dumped my husband’s friendship, in lieu of your new friends.

You will not return any of my emails, nor will you even take the initiative to write to my husband anymore. You told me that we all could still be friends, etc.,

but that wasn’t true (another one of your lies). I know I didn’t keep my promise about not writing, but I still cared for you and wanted to talk. You hated me when you wrote that email and still do.

This bull###t about wanting us all to get together is just that… bull###t.

You have new friends now, and me, my husband and son are history.