How To Choose And Make The Right Decision?

Have you ever had to decide and choose between several options? Suppose you had to decide between finding the love of your life or getting $ 100 million. Or give up the internet or give up friends? What will you decide? Some decisions we have daily, large and small. Such a dilemma or such a small or large junction, in which one debates what should I do, what to choose, and feel a little confused? And you know everyone will decide otherwise. And sometimes even the two options are not something. So how to decide between a few options, and what are the four questions that will guide you to making a decision?

What is the difference between a choice and a decision?

A decision in the English language is to decide, which means to decide. That is, cut from and disconnect from.

A decision is one, and the choice has at least two options and even more. That is, option A and option B. We reached the junction right and left straight….

If we chose option A and did not decide, it means that we did not cut option B, and therefore it will remain in the background.

Four questions to strengthen the decision

Four questions you will ask yourself that you will feel more complete with the decision – strengthen confidence.

First question – how much do you want this decision? From 1-10, How does it feel to you?

Second question – will the decision advance me to my goal? What is my goal anyway? This is the endpoint I want to get to in a particular matter. For example, if I have a dilemma about the relationship, I want to reach the end of the process with a feeling of peace, tranquility, love, and joy. The intention here is not to reach a relationship, career, or money because once we have a peaceful quiet… these other things will also come.

Third question – what is the price – does every decision have a price? Because the decisions we make not only affect life on a practical level but also build our identity. For example, if we decide to break up a family, we will be divorced/separated, and if we change jobs, we will make the status of employee or self-employed.

And remember, if we do not decide… life will decide. It’s for the procrastinators among us. Who prefer not to face life-making decisions or postpone them until the deadline. Last-minute postponement leads to decisions made out of pressure and not in a logical way, often without enough time to explore more options.

Fourth question – what is the benefit? What will I gain when I decide on a certain path and whether it will advance me to my goal?