I need to change!!!

I confess to Almighty God and to the people of the earth that I am a sinner!.

And that I’m in open rebellion against God and my own soul.

I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me…..

especially when I know better!! I know the commandments of the Lord and what is expected of me, but I continue to screw up so severely…….

My will conflicts with his, I just can’t seem to yield.

And when I’m doing well for being obedient and other “spiritual” responsibilities, I always do something absolutely terrible to cancel out the good I’ve done…(Although we are saved by grace! And not by works)…

I thought I would confess everything I have ever done to the best of my ability. NOTE: THERE WILL BE SINS LISTED THAT ARE FROM MY DISTANT PAST AND IS NO LONGER A PART OF ME!!!…

I want to give a full account, And I pray God will accept this confession and forgive me totally and receive me anew!!! First off, I admit that I’m a sinner! And I need a Savior11 (Jesus Christ).

My confession;– disobedience to parents, lying, blaming, stealing, mean to people and animals, used to hate God and church, hating others, bad words, sexual immorality-all kinds, under age drinking and smoking, hated abusive parents and abusive people in the church, porn-all kinds, idess, revenge, malice, fraud, setting others up, prideful, just being evil, evil and bad thoughts, breaking all kinds of promises, getting drunk, using drugs, not repenting, unforgiveness, hard-hearted and unfeeling, lawlessness, not appreciating blessings and family, not taking care of responsibilities, ETC, Etc, and not appreciating the suffering and atonement and love of Jesus Christ for me! and the guidance of the Holy Ghost…..

I humbly Ask God for his acceptance to help me (gently) have a repentant heart and to grant me ??

Pardon and Peace?? -I need my Shepard-