Hi God
I know you can hear me but why are you not helping me.

You know God I really have one wish. I want him. He is my happiness, my strength my everything.

Please bring him back to me please god. I am not well god. I have zero hopes of living now. You know i am struggling hard every second.

Without him, I don’t need this life. Pls god, bring him back to me.

Please god, I beg you god please help me. I need you god please listen to my prayers. please god.

Why are you not responding? You was never like this god.

Please help god before I die. Please god. For me, Please bring him back.

I never wanted a long life.

I always happy to have life with him whether it’s 2 day long or 100 years.

Please god if you can help .

please help me.

I am your child god.

Please don’t abandon me, god.