start over again years year

Dear: lord let us start over again years in year then United States of America then finish bring died lord.
jesus christ so sorry for what i did and do about shoot someone eye then hurt people fight hate people in yeah.
lord pleases teach how to driver a vehicle in get driver license do the back test let me make it too get my driver license let them model me mail 2040.
god, let me dont fight do things evil bad not good in yeah then tell Sercret in yes.

Father god blood names of jesus christ please everyone go to heaven in be god people never be god in santa claus mary joseph angel in queen king princess prince cinderella in irish in yeah curtain in yeah.
dear god everything changed tomborrow midnight then let me change in yeah grewup like adult in yeah listen yeah get emotional aways from me in the shake body away in yeah then dont let me listen other people say in don’t get along with me in yeah then let me stop play games with lord in be still quick in yeah never let me been born again in yeah jesus christ names amen