Accountablity for their ways.

Please pray for the situation at my workplace.

They are not replacing people as they leave and are putting more work on those of us that are still there.

We are down 4 plus the boss and are expected to pick up the work of three among the 4 of us that r left.

I have received the most difficult task and the largest load.

Pray God gives me the wisdom & knowledge to remember what was shown to me in the last couple of days before the boss left.

I can stay above the overload and management sees we cannot handle this load.

May the rumors not be true that some of us are being pressured to quit.

I am the main provider for my family as my husband had an injury in ? 04 and does not work.

Pray for his pending neck surgery that wkman comp has finally approved.

Pray the lord sends protection while I am around the evil at work and opens the eyes of these evil people so they see the light.

Our school district has so many problems with upper mgment the superintendent’s contract we, not renewal due to his evil/dishonest acts; however, we are left with his appointees that are continuing his ways.

These are nonbelievers and are playing such childish, evil games to lower workers that are dependable and trustworthy while dishonest ones are floating by without pressure or accountability for their ways.