Help me to help her now to amen

To my father in heaven please help me an what family I have an freinds please help me be something more then a nice guy i would to have a job to help my grandmother an help myself as well

I feel a bum even though I know what I am im your child an I pleading for help it’s hard to get back up in life after you have fal an I’ve never wanted to give up

I know you there waiting for me to say something so I’m saying it now I need you help we need your help four years has gone by sents the house burned down maybe it was for the best but i still struggle trying to keep sane its better then it was then I’ve changed a lot to but i still cant help but feel

I’m walking in the same steps as well you never let me give up i stayed strong threw some of the worse things that someone could go threw lord an you have kept grandmother with me sents Jacob an me were little please help me to help her now to amen

The Science of Forgiveness

The act of forgiveness has long been considered a virtue in various cultural and religious contexts. However, recent scientific research has begun to reveal the tangible