Hope this confession works

It’s. Been ages since I last confessed, I have really back sliden. I think I will like to make a list of my sons first.

Well, I am a pretty bad sinner, I have done so many bad sins in my life, I need God to forgive me a poor sinner!!!!… in my life, I have stolen, lied, gossiped, sought revenge, had evil thoughts, UN kind words, manipulated others, drank, did drugs, All the sexual sins and their permissions…

I have been critical, judgemental, mean spirited, controlling, cursed others and, swore a hell of a lot, had close to racist feelings… resentment and unforgiveness.

And a heck of a lot of other sins hat I have forgotten or can’t think of right now. I hope and pray that God and Jesus will forgive me, wash me clean, renew me, and make me serviceable again. I ask this in the name of God and the Savior Jesus Christ.


Can we be forgiven without confession?

In many religions, confession is seen as a way to seek forgiveness, but it is not the only way.

Prayer Before Confession

A common prayer before confession in the Catholic Church is called an “Act of Contrition.”