I need to do more, alot more!

I certainly feel the need to do more.

I am constantly choosing myself over God and doing what “I want Too!”…

I am locked in sin and do not have the mental, emotional, or spiritual strength to overcome on my own. My sins make me feel unworthy and very distant from God, and he already feels far off in the first place.

I don’t know where to start….

A lot of the sins I commit are out of desperation and loneliness….

and a lot I wouldn’t commit at all if my situation was different. It sucks being alone w/o a job, car, wife, life, friends, and family and I’m about to lose the home, and I am need of health care.

I know in the scheme of things, it shouldn?t matter, I should still live in obedience. I feel the scenario where an orphan would still a loaf of bread for huger and need, but otherwise would not if the situation was different.

I don’t have any excuses but that’s how I feel in this case.

I want to start over and unload the following sins.

In my past, I have lied, sto, been dishonest, evil, lazy, mean, hard feeling, unrepentant, sexually immoral, mentally unclean and evil.

Vengeful, lustfull, viewed p and all that goes with it.

Deceptive, undisciplined, and self willed to the point of destruction, been a drug addict, and 100?s of other sins.

I hope that God will come to my aid, forgive me and let me be reborn today.

It sure would be nice to put the past behind me. And have a new beginning!