Please send me the love of my life.

Please help me forgive myself.

Please help me forget about Josh.

Please help me heal and be happy with myself. 5 years ago I wrote a letter and left it in this wall, I asked to send me blessings & help me flourish the beginning of the relationship I had with Josh. When I first met him, I felt that he was the one.

He was going to be the father of my children. So much has happen in these five years. I never would have imagined how much pain I would’ve endured because of the love I had for him. I’m writing this time because I am so hurt. Please help me heal and forgive myself so I can move on. S

o I can be able to forgive Josh and truly let him go. Please send me a good man. I lose hope that I won’t ever find a good man that will love me for me.

I yearn to have my own family. It makes me sad whenever I see people my age already start their own family, because I want that for myself. Please god, I love you. And I believe in you. If there’s a good man for me please send me a signal.

If I have to be patience and wait for some more time, let me know. Signal me to be hopeful and patient. In the meantime I ask that you help me heal from this hurt. I don’t want to hurt anymore. – FM